The modernization of the wastewater treatment plant in the town of Elk, built according to BPBK's design in the 1970s, was carried out in stages: Stage I 1995-1997, Stage II 1998-2000, Stage III 2004-2006. The modernization of the treatment plant included upgrading of the mechanical treatment part, building and then modernization of the biological treatment facilities (in order to adjust wastewater quality to changing regulations), improvement of the sludge management process, sealing of facilities noxious in terms of odor. Mechanical treatment is carried out in the following facilities: grille, grit chamber, primary horizontal-flow sedimentation tank. All pretreatment facilities are fully sealed. The biological part of the treatment plant consists of a bioreactor with separate zones: predenitrification and phosphorus removal, denitrification and nitrification and radial secondary sedimentation tanks. Sludge management is based on methane fermentation, dewatering in mechanical facilities and composting using the method of windrow turning, resulting in a fertilizer used to grow crops, and the establishment of lawns. The biogas formed in the fermentation process is caught and burned in cogeneration units. The electrical and thermal energy thus obtained is used for technological processes in the wastewater treatment plant.
Basic parameters:
Type: mechanical and biological. Flow capacity of the treatment plant: about 13 000 m3/d