Warszawska Street in Białystok
BPBK S.A Gdańsk Branch in Białystok has developed draft design documentation for the reconstruction of sidewalk pavements, construction of storm water drainage, and construction of lighting in the following streets: Warszawska, Kościelna, Elektryczna, Świętojańska, E. Orzeszkowej in Białystok.
The difficulty in making the design was that half of the designed storm water drainage and lighting system was not included in the local spatial development plan, which is why BPBK had to develop the materials for the application to obtain a public objective decision.
The storm water drainage design was being developed alongside the lighting design, which apart from Warszawska Street also covered Kościelna Street, Elektryczna Street, Świętojańska Street, and Orzeszkowej Street of a total length of ca 2.5 km.
Developing the design documentation for the above-mentioned streets was related to the need to preserve the historical nature of that area and to elaborate details requiring approval by the conservator of objects of cultural heritage.