Located in Bialystok, at the end of Lodowa street, and running over Generała Maczka street (national road No. 8), the overpass has become well known in Poland due to its innovative and unique structure. It has been dubbed Białystok Arch [łuk białostocki]. With the main girder being placed diagonally against the platform, it is a prototype structure in Poland. BPBK S.A. was granted the Engineering Design of 2012 award for the overpass design. The non-joint arch with a suspended platform consists of a steel frame and a reinforced concrete slab. The crossbars of varying heights (getting smaller at the ends) made it possible to use a longitudinal beam of relatively small maximum height, thus giving the bridge deck a certain lightness. The arch has no stays, and therefore, the whole thrust force is transmitted onto the massive reinforced concrete abutments. The support blocks have been located over the platform, which reduced its vertical cross-section, in order to obtain the smooth arch-support transition. The bridge's untypical geometry and, thus, its unique load type make the facility's functioning unusual as far as structures of this type are concerned. The hangers supporting the sides of the platform exert pressure only on a half of the length of the arch. Actually, the structure functions like a bent beam with horizontal pressure exerted upon it.
Basic parameters:
axis length: 66m, width: 16,48m
width of the structure’s roadway: 7+2x0.5m - 8.0m
amount of steel used (arch + platform): 432t