The overpass over the railway tracks within Ku Ujściu Street was built to allow heavy vehicles with a total weight of 500 kN (50 T) access from Sucharskiego Street to the port areas in the vicinity of Kaszubski channel. It was built in place of the old demolished overpass with a load-bearing capacity of 15 T.
The static diagram of the overpass includes a stiff beam strengthened with a parabolic second-degree arch, the so-called Langer girder, with traffic running below with a span of approx. 44.0 m. The bridge was designed with a reinforced concrete plate with variable thickness from 25 ¸ 33 cm. The construction of the overpass is based on reinforced concrete abutments with parallel wings based on large-diameter piles f1500.
Basic parameters:
Number of spans: 1
Theoretical span: 44.0 m