The wastewater treatment plant covers an area of ca. 18 ha. It is located in the southwest industrial part of the city at Popowicka Street. The receiving body of treated wastewater is the river Rów Rabiński. The investment has undoubtedly a direct impact on the possibility of developing a spa function in Inowrocław thanks to a considerable improvement of the environment and as well as a positive impact on the condition of natural resources in the region.
Wastewater runs into the treatment plant from the combined and sanitary sewage system; it is also delivered to the liquid sewage collection plant. The wastewater is subjected to mechanical treatment in the grille, grit chamber and primary sedimentation tanks and biological treatment - in the reactor, where the process of integrated removal of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds is carried out using the activated sludge method. The separation of sludge from treated wastewater takes place in radial secondary sedimentation tanks. After concentration excessive sludge is referred to a two-stage methane fermentation process, and then dewatered. The biogas obtained in the fermentation process is used to produce electricity and heat for the purposes of the treatment plant.
Basic parameters:
Type of wastewater treatment plant: mechanical and biological
Flow capacity of the treatment plant: about 30 000 m3/d