The study describes Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM) stations in Gdynia (section Gdynia Wielki Kack – Port Lotniczy Gdynia Kosakowo).
The PKM conceptual design envisages development of the Gdynia line connecting with the renovated Gdańsk section of the so-called Trasa Kokoszkowska. The main objective of the investment project is to improve the regional communication system, in particular within the Tri-City metropolitan area.
Effective achievement of the objectives will require the reconstruction of the existing railway line, engineering structures, passenger service facilities, and the infrastructure ensuring full connection with other transport means.
The following stations: Gdynia Obłuże Górne, Gdynia Karwiny and Gdańsk Kielnieńska (Osowa Północ) will be the keystones of the urban and suburban communication system (Chwaszczyno).
Landscape and spatial guidelines have also been presented, which determine the characteristics of the stops, as well as highlighting the identity of the places. Special motifs will emphasize the character of each station, and proposals for development of the motifs, and their transformation into urban art forms, have been presented.