The investment was divided into two tasks: the section from Siedlce terminal to Brętowo PKM station, and the section from F. Rakoczego street to Myśliwska street.
The design includes the construction of tracks, turnouts together with their drainage, control and heating and the construction of the traction network. The new tramway line in task 1 will run in the following streets: Kartuska, Nowolipie, Rakoczego, while its length will be about 3600m. In task 2 the length of the line in Bulońska street is about 835m.
A bus and tram hub will be constructed allowing a direct change where today’s Siedlce terminal exists. Next to it there will be a car park for over 40 cars and several bicycles. On part of the planned route next to the future Warneńska stop, buses and trams will be using one traffic lane, which is a novelty in Gdańsk. The design also includes a green track as an element that will upgrade environmental and aesthetic conditions. Moreover, the green development will effectively reduce the rolling noise generated by rolling stock. From the intersection of Rakoczego Street with Wyrobka and Kolumba Streets, owing to a considerable bank of the existing road, the tramway line was constructed in the central reservation on the flyover, which will be over 360 m in length and will reach 9 m in height in the top point. The flyover in bend, the tramway line will cross the roadway of Rakoczego Street without disrupting traffic and will run to Brętowo PKM integration hub.