The project was meant to determine architectural conditions which make it possible to adapt the premises of the award-winning entry regarding the architectural and planning concept for the envisaged PKM stations: Strzyża, Niedźwiednik, Brętowo, Jasień, Kiełpinek, Matarnia, Port Lotniczy, Banino, Przystanek Port Lotniczy.
A priority in this study is making sure that all the 8 PKM stations are designed in a similar style, thus creating an easily recognizable part of the city's landscape.
The introduction of new local identity elements is to enable pedestrians to find their way in the vast communication areas in the vicinity of PKM stations.
The access area with the high staircases and elevator lines has been shaped by means of a system of simple roofs inspired by the idea of “wrapping a red ribbon” around the railway.
The component parts of the “red ribbon” development are: a carefully chosen flooring, architectural details, i.e. benches, litter bins, lighting, parking posts, etc. An important part of the “red ribbon” design is the greenery.