The executed section from Potokowa Street to al. Rzeczpospolita is one of the four sections being implemented as part of the task: “Connection of the Airport with Gdańsk Seaport – Słowackiego Route”. This investment is extremely vital for upgrading traffic conditions in Gdańsk and further development of the city.
The change in the geometry of the route resulted in increased traffic capacity and traffic flow. This was done by extending the cross section of the roadway to two traffic lanes in each direction (Nowa Słowackiego Street and Nowa Kościuszki Street – both of class G 2/2). The construction of the Route was accompanied by the reconstruction of the intersections with streets adjacent to it on sections within ranges following from adapting them to the newly designed road arrangement. The intersection of Chrzanowskiego/ Partyzantów Streets (class Z 1/2) was built as a channelized one with a central island. Hynka Street was widened at the entry into Nowa Słowackiego Street, while Srebrniki Street was reconstructed and a new roadway was built the length of 140 m.
As part of this task also the following structures were constructed: flyover above al. Grunwaldzka, new viaduct over PKP’s railway tracks, three tunnels for pedestrians in the area of the Route’s intersections with the following streets: Reymonta, Obywatelska, Kilińskiego.