Rehabilitation of the Letnica district covered about 2km of access and local roads. The streets included in the project are the following: Uczniowska, Starowiejska, Sucha, Michny, Sielska, Rybitwy, Szklana Huta and Niecała. The roadways have been designed with a width of 5-6 metres and with varied pavements in the particular streets – made of cobblestone, pitcher or asphalt. The main street of the Letnica district – Starowiejska street – has a new cobblestone pavement, both-sided sidewalks fitted with elements of street furniture and house gardens and flamboyant chestnut trees on both sides. Retaining the trees was one of the most significant conditions when designing the roadway. Both-sided sidewalks have been designed along all the streets, often separated by strips of vegetation, where existing or newly designed trees will be located. The sidewalk pavement is made of washed tiles of higher aesthetic qualities. For the purpose of bicycle traffic counter lanes have been designed in one-way streets and on a section of Uczniowska street – a two-way bicycle lane. 
Apart from the road system the whole rehabilitation project also included rehabilitation of buildings, a job done by other companies. Also communication was provided to the simultaneously designed TBS Motława and GTBS facilities. The new pavements improved traffic conditions in the streets and safety of motor and pedestrian traffic. Also new separate parking places were created. Reconstruction of the road system was accompanied by reconstruction of the underground development.