The designed Park in Zbocze is an area with a surface of 2.5 ha, located between Struga, Łostowicka and Maryli streets in the residential district Wzgórze Mickiewicza in Gdańsk responding to the needs of the residents of Mickiewicza district, as well as Siedlce and Suchanino.
Inspired by the Les Jardins Immaginaire gardens in the locality of Terrason in central France, the conceptual design assumes creating zones for users representing almost all age groups. In the attractive natural environment area of the south slope the following have been designed: sports spaces (a skatepark, playgrounds, climbing walls, a full-size football pitch of the orlik type), recreational squares with fountains, grilling locations, bicycle parks and culture-related areas (a representative square with Adam Mickiewicz monument, an amphitheatre stage). Moreover, the project adds to the large differences in ground level by creating greenery-covered observation decks with pergolas, numerous deck paths and passages and amphitheatre-like shaping of some sectors.