BPBK SA has in recent years developed a design for the construction of a transport system in the area of the former shipyard in Gdańsk. The works included a conceptual design of the target arrangement of Nowa Wałowa Street, and a building-permit design and execution designs of stage 1 construction of the street, which includes substage 1, the so-called “Small Loop”, and substage 2, the so-called “Extension”. Nowa Wałowa Street will become the main transport axis in the central part of the new district of Gdańsk, the Young City.
In the first stage, the southern roadway of Nowa Wałowa Street was executed from Nowomiejska Street to Rybaki Górne Street together with Nowomiejska Street and Rybaki Górne Street and part of Jana z Kolna Street, and part of Wałowa Street together with the reconstruction of the tramway tracks at the entry of Nowomiejska Street into Jana z Kolna Street, the so-called “Small Loop”.
As part of the so-called “Extension” a flyover was executed over Jana z Kolna Street and a viaduct over PKP’s railway tracks together with connecting Nowa Wałowa Street into Al. Zwycięstwa