The subject matter of the study is presentation of requirements for the Contractor who will design and build a multi-storey car park in the area of Targ Węglowy [Coal Market] in Gdańsk and car park at Szymanowskiego Street.
The project includes construction of an underground car park with services facilities and public toilets. Its scope will be decided after completion of prior archeological and hydrogeological survey. The local spatial development plan recommends that a two-storey car park should be created here. However, after examination of geologic conditions it was found that a one-storey structure is possible. In functional terms the following zones may be distinguished in the car park building: parking zone with two entries from Targ Drzewny [Wood Market] and Bogusławskiego Street; pedestrian zone with two entries, a stairway, and a lift; services and public toilets zone.
Car park in the precincts of Targ Węglowy [Coal Market]
Number of underground stories: 1
Development surface area: 5600 m2
Total surface area: 5600 m2
Gross capacity: 18000 m3
Car park in Szymanowskiego Street
Number of underground stories: 2
Development surface area: 1900 m2
Total surface area: 3700 m2
Gross capacity: 12500 m3