The area covered by this study is located in district Gdańsk-Osowa. This is a 3ha plot of green land with a pond in its centre, mostly developed for park leisure purposes.
Earlier it was a marsh with self-sown trees and bush, overgrown with high weeds, unfriendly and dangerous for inhabitants. After the works were completed, there appeared alleys, decorative bridges over the canal, a wooden pier on the pond, recreation squares, fenced playgrounds for children, an outside gym, chess tables, a tennis table, bicycle racks, arranged greenery, including trees, bush, and decorative grass, to provide leisure of all residents, independent of their age. The space allows the district council to organise outdoor meetings and events, and schools may hold outside classes there. Anglers may fish in the available pond, which was also thoroughly modernised. An important aspect in the area development process was also a need for retention capacity enhancement of the existing water reservoir, as there had been inundations in adjacent garages and cellars after rain. As part of the investment project the reservoir was deepened and dredged, with the island being retained as a breeding place of abundant waterfowl. 
The City of Gdańsk was awarded „The Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal Prize for the Best Public Space of Pomeranian Voivodeship in 2012”.