Analysis of feasibility of including the access to the business-and-industrial zone (the area between Zwycięstwa Street and Słupska Street) in the existing road system Lębork, area of Jana Pawła II Street, Żeromskiego Street.
The planned southern ring-road of Lębork will help change the character of Jana Pawła II Street into a more urban one supporting the needs of residents. The benefits following from implementing the junction with Jana Pawła II Street MEAN improving transport in the city from an investor and resident’s perspective in the area of the business-and-industrial zone.
Reduced traffic at intersections of Żeromskiego Street with Słupska Street and Żeromskiego Street with Krzywoustego Street – safety, visibility in the area of railway flyovers.
Jana Pawła II Street (main fast traffic road) will ultimately lose its importance as a thoroughfare the moment the southern ring-road has been built; it will become a road serving residents to move around inside the city.
The introduction of the intersection of Jana Pawła II Street with a link to Żeromskiego Street will allow future development of the business-and-industrial district as a service-and-shopping area thanks to easy access by both passenger cars and suppliers.
The location of a roundabout type of junction will reduce the speed of motor traffic, improve safety and strengthen the urban character of Jana Pawła II Street.