The investment follows from the dynamic development of the residential district Gdynia-Zachód, where Chwarznieńska street is the most important transport route. At the same time the road is one of three connections between Gdynia and the Tri-City Ring Road and is the shortest road connecting the Ring Road with the city centre and the main transport axis of the districts of Witomino and Chwarzno.
The designed Chwarznieńska street is a Z class road with traffic lanes the width of 3.5m and a 3m central reservation.
The extension has been divided into three sections:
Section 1 – chwarznieński section: from the forest boundary to the curve in the area of Gierdziejewskiego street. The works were carried out on a section of about 3 km and almost 2.5km of bicycle lanes were built.
Section 2 – witomiński section: from the forest boundary to the intersection with the following streets: Wielkokacka and Rolnicza. The geometry of the streets was created in reference to the existing spatial arrangement. On the section from Niska street to the forest boundary Chwarznieńska street has one roadway with three traffic lanes with separate left turns and separating islands.
Section 3 – forest section: between Chwarzno and Witomino. On the forest section the length of about 1.5 km the street has two traffic lanes in each direction, and in the area of Witomino – 3 traffic lanes with left turns and separating islands. Almost the whole route runs in embankments.