The purpose of the study was to develop a rehabilitation design of the garden space in the historical palace-and-garden complex Court II together with the construction of architectural details. The study also included rehabilitation of the Palace building, i.e. the main structure of the architectural complex Court II.
Architectural details works included execution of the following elements: local amphitheatre on a built escarpment in a retaining wall for about 200 places, terrain stairs, stone retaining walls; pergolas, wooden trellises around the patio; relocation and conservation of the existing wooden gazebo; St. John fountain and “Modena” made of a reconstructed sandstone, a gloriette made of sandstone, rubbish bins, lighting fittings and posts of the patio.
Works with regard to rehabilitating the Palace building included drainage of foundations and foundation walls, protecting the foundations and foundation walls against moisture, replacement and reconditioning of window and door woodwork and elevation works.