The purpose of the study was to identify the architectural and urban planning conditions allowing the construction of a multi-storey car park for the Housing Association “Bałtyk”, including a plot of land on the slope between the streets: Graniczna and 2 Morskiego Pułku Strzelców.
The part of the residential district that the car park would serve has about 430 apartments; these are buildings at 2 Morskiego Pułku Strzelców street 10-18. There are about 150 parking spaces on the level of the area around these buildings, while the number of apartments/number of parking spaces ratio adopted for residential districts built nowadays is  1: 1.
The project involves the location of up to 190 parking spaces in the car park, which gives a ratio of 1: 0.8 for the buildings in question.
The plan is to locate a three-storey car park, built into the slope. To rationalize the economy of the car park, a single-pass system has been adopted with parking spaces on both sides of the passageway, except narrowed sections of the plot where parking spaces are only on one side.
The third storey is open and unroofed and runs along the road at the top of the slope with a declivity of 2.5%.
To reduce interference in the setting an openwork facade has been designed made of mesh or vertical steel elements that will be overgrown with creepers, fastened to the garage ceiling.