The purpose of the study was to identify the architectural and urban conditions that would allow conversion and extension of the closed building of the Thermal Power Station Gdynia 2 for the purposes of a filmmaking centre with office, hotel and catering facilities and a car park.  
The building is a detached structure that has been closed since 1997 and constitutes the remains of the Thermal Power Station Gdynia 2. The structure was built during the war between 1940 and 1942, and was extended in the period 1954 – 1956.
A preliminary inspection shows that the general technical condition of the building may be considered satisfactory. The next stage of the project should be preceded by an architectural and construction inventory and a technical opinion on the load-bearing structure of the building together with an analysis of the building’s suitability and its convertibility into a different utility function.
The project has a separate part for the film studio, a catering part, an office part, lit and unlit back-up facilities, sanitary units and communications.