Construction of Fast Tramway in Szczecin in the section from the Basen Górniczy area to the Kijewo estate – Stage I
The construction of Fast Tramway in Szczecin is one of the most desired transportation investments in the history of Szczecin, strategically vital for streamlining the city’s public transport within its particular districts.
The project has been divided into two stages.
Stage I comprises the section from the existing “Basen Górniczy” terminal to the provisional terminal in the area of Turkusowa Street. On this entire section the tramway route will run with complete grade separation.
Stage II comprises the section from “Turkusowa” terminal to “Kijewo” terminal to be implemented later in the future.
Stage I design comprises the construction of a double-track tramway line about 4 km in length, reconstruction of Hangarowa Street and Batalionów Chłopskich Street, reconstruction of the existing underground development, construction of an overpass over the Fast Tramway tracks, construction of the following stops: “Lotnisko”, “Gryfińska” and “Turkusowa”.
“Lotnisko” stop has been located in the central reservation of Eskadrowa Street, from where a partly roofed footbridge has been designed to allow grade separation of pedestrian traffic.
“Gryfińska” stop is located on the section where the tramway route runs in the reinforced cut, the so-called tub. Consequently, underground platforms have been designed, partly roofed, accessible through stairs and lifts from ground level.
It became necessary to relocate the historical Gruneberg villa on having obtained permission from the Voivodeship Conservator of Objects of Cultural Heritage, as well as after strengthening and securing works. The building was moved about 45 metres.
A recording of this unique, complicated and at the same time very spectacular operation is available on:                   
The stops at “Turkusowa” terminal are located on ground level, yet owing to pedestrian traffic they have been connected with a tunnel under the tramway line. Leading into the tunnel are stairs and ramps for the disabled enclosed with retaining walls. A bus terminal has been designed for buses arriving from various parts of the right bank of the river.