The investment is being implemented in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in the municipality of Opatów. The existing road system is made up of national roads: DK 74, and DK9 and voivodeship road DW 757 intersecting in the centre of the town of Opatów.
The aim of the study was to replace the existing road system, where through traffic runs through the town and the national roads do not meet the required technical parameters, with a system of ring roads for the town of Opatów: the south and west ring road. As a final result of the task to be implemented, through traffic will be removed to the designed ring roads outside the town boundaries. Exit and entry into the town will take place using the junctions/intersections in both the ring roads. The number of junctions that have been planned is from 2 to 4, depending on the solution variant to be adopted.
The whole area where the ring roads will run is traversed by deep valleys of the rivers Opatówka and Kania and by numerous streams and ponds, which required that 19 bridges be designed, the longest with a span of 319 m.