The John Paul II road bridge of the Third Millennium is part of a road crossing through the Martwa Wisła River in Gdansk within mjr. Henryka Sucharskiego Route linking the Northern Port with the southern ring-road of Gdańsk (S7).
This is the first Polish suspended bridge designed solely by Polish designers.
In 2002, it was rewarded in the competition “Bridge Work of the Year” in the categories for the bridge construction, and for the introduction of a new implementation technology.
The bridge is a single-plate suspended structure. The beam in the cross-section is a composite structure consisting of 2 two-web steel beams located on the edges of the construction and on an assisting reinforced concrete plate of the platform. In the transverse direction the bridge is braced by cross members. The suspension of the platform is both-sided of the thick type. The tension members are made as ropes consisting of bundles 7-wire bundles of high-strength steel. The suspending tension members have been anchored “passively” in the pylon and “actively” in the platform. The supports of the bridge have been placed on large-diameter piles. The pylon with a height of 100m has been structurally divided into two parts: the top part with the rope anchorages. The shape of the pylon is similar to the letter “A” and consists of two pillars with a box structure (allowing communication inside). The total width is about 20m.