The conceptual design’s aim is to create a hub integrating the designed tram stop with the bus terminus and taxi stands. Furthermore, the hub serving to change means of transport would function as a town square, improving both the quality and the diversity of the public space in the Oliwa district.
The proposed option envisages the possibility of further reconstruction of the road system in Oliwa. It has been assumed that it will be possible to curb traffic in Opata Rybickiego street, and remove through traffic heading for Osowa from the inner centre of Old Oliwa. The purpose of the action is to protect the historic buildings and Oliwa Park against noise, vibrations, exhaust fumes, and to create a safe space for pedestrians. The assumption applies, too, to Opacka street, which constitutes a valuable alley leading to, among others, the Oliwa graveyard.