The romantic landscapes in Krosno upon the Odra River evoke associations with the Romantic era, a period 200 years ago, in which art tried to capture in a unique way the beauty of life in harmony with nature. Arkadia Odrzańska is an idea to create a functional and spatial programme in the Old Town area reflecting a contemporary interpretation of "Arcadian" historical ideas. Contemporary Arcadia is a representation of the city as an asylum for those seeking refuge from the metropolitan dynamic, rest and tranquillity, but also life at their own pace (slow life).
The urban planning concept involves forming a spatial structure within the limits of the Old Town corresponding to today's strategic trends in developing this area: the development of all-year tourism and creating high-quality inner city residential structures.
The Old Town area is divided into differentiated functional and spatial ranges of influence: WATERFRONT - riparian zone (boulevard of the Odra River) - dedicated to recreation and tourist functions - recreation and water sports centre, CITY - zone within the old city walls - dedicated to service and residential functions, AT THE WATERFRONT/CITY CONTACT POINT an intensive urban core is formed, which is composed of service functions combined by public space (Św. Jadwigi Square): THE CASTLE, CHURCH, COACH STATION, 3 rebuilt service - housing quarters together with reconstructed buildings of the former City Hall and County [Starostwo].