The post-war concept for reconstructing the Old Town enabled building a representative square unveiling the historical Old Town Hall in a place with compact development before the war. The modernist solution significantly isolated itself from the historical development in the northern frontage of the narrow An der Mühle street. A pedestrian path was created over Radunia Channel, flanked by two commemoration symbols of the Gdańsk astronomer Johannes Hevelius: the statue of Johannes Hevelius of 2006 in the main square at the location of the non-existent Hevelius observatory, and its predecessor, the now forgotten monument “To Johannes Hevelius – Gdańsk Youth 1973”.
Between the Town Hall and the Great Mill the long history of the square preserved a lot of accidental and consequential solutions in the city’s space. Building the new fountain should initiate an in-depth renewal of Hevelius Square.
The design has been divided into two stages: the implementation stage and the target stage.
The first one assumes maintaining the existing composition, with retention of greens and tree avenues. The second assumes opening the square to overview both the Old Town Hall and Radunia Channel.
The design assumes separate functional zones, i.e. – continuous traffic, waterside and green recreational zone being at the same time a buffer between public and semi-private space.