Trasa Zamkowa is one of four road arteries connecting the left bank of Szczecin with the rest of Poland. It is also part of voivodeship road No. 115 connecting Szczecin with Dobieszczyn (municipality of Police) in Puszcza Wkrzańska.
The route is supported by reinforced concrete pillars and runs through a series of flyovers: two bridges over the River Parnica, an overpass over the island of Łasztownia and a bridge over Odra Zachodnia.
The work associated with its construction started in February 1978. The opening of the first stage of Trasa Zamkowa (entrance route to the city) was made on 26 October 1987, while the exit part was commissioned on 5 July 1996.
Pioneering technologies for those days were used to build Trasa Zamkowa. One of the innovations was to slide the spans of the bridges that are on the Oder on the pillars. Floating pontoons with a capacity of 550 tons made for this purpose were used to slide the bridge structure previously welded together on land.
4 bridges were built as part of Trasa Zamkowa, all based on a box-steel structure with a height of 3.5 m. The weight of the individual elements of this design was up to 60 tons. The inside diameter of the bridge over the water table of the River Odra is 11.8 m, the inside diameter of the bridge over the water table of Parnica is 14 m. Both the bridge over the River Odra and the bridge over Parnica consist of three spans. The route is ultimately 2600 m long.