The history of sunflowers in Orunia might begin with a meeting of the series “I Can See Orunia Great”, which was held at the centre Dom Sąsiedzki Gościnna Przystań, where diploma designs were presented – visions of how to give Orunia a new life. In an ensuing debate about the feasibility of the presented ideas, including implementation of a great garden exhibition, dr Gabriela Rembarz, urban planner from the Architecture Faculty at the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Head of BPBK SA. Urban Planning Team asked: Why not plant 17 000 sunflowers in Orunia (i.e. as many as there are residents in Orunia).
From Wednesday to Saturday, 18-21 May 2013, within the workshop, the square was organised. Children and youth from Gościnna Przystań with their tutors, i.e. architects, urban planners and artists, designed and made flowerpots out of tyres, which were later arranged in the square. On Saturday it was the highlight of the workshop. Together with residents, we sowed sunflower seeds and planted sunflowers in the flowerpots and special spots.
The workshop for kids were held in the centre Dom Sąsiedzki Gościnna Przystań. All the participants, i.e. both the kids and tutors (volunteering architects, including BPBK SA employees) were allocated to various project groups.