Awards and distinctions
From the life of the chamber and its members
Almost 60 years
20 years elapsed as a day
Young engineers in BPBK SA; vision, works, reality
Men of merit are among us
“FIDIC application best practices” Jan Tadeusz Kosiedowski
All work and no play makes …
“Computerisation of BPBK SA in Gdańsk”, Małgorzata Kisielewska
“Company’s archive”, Andrzej Nuszel, Bogdan Tiesler
Our team
People as the company’s most important asset
Key investment projects
Nowa Słowackiego Street
Ecumenical Centre
At the design stage ….
Urban communication design
“Conceptual design for Downtown Gdańsk communication system”, Jan Tadeusz Kosiedowski
Urban planning study for the precincts of Konstytucji Square in Gdynia
“Study of opportunities for communication enhancement in the districts of Oliwa and Osowa in Gdańsk”, Jan Tadeusz Kosiedowski