The Bureau obtained several prizes and awards of distinction conferred by:
·         Ministry of Municipal Management
·         Committee for Construction, Urban Planning and Architecture
·         Ministry of Construction and Building Materials
·         Science and Technology Committee
·         Ministry of Administration, Local Economy and Environmental Protection
·         Polish Engineering Association
·         Chamber of Construction Designing
·         Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy
·         Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship.
Some awarded works include the following:
In the road and bridge sector:
·         Kwiatkowskiego Street Gdynia – MAGTiOS special award
·         Bridge over Elbląska Street in Elbląg – KBUA award
·         “Theatrical’ Bridge in Bydgoszcz - KBUA award
·         "Błędnik" overpass in Gdańsk
·         “Long” Bridge in Szczecin
·         Road overpass in Olsztyn
·         Steel railway overpass in Szczecin
·         "Brama Oliwska" junction in Gdańsk
·         "Directional Study of public transport and Gdańsk metropolitan area"
·         Conceptual designs for development of Gdańsk metropolitan area – Bridge crossing over Martwa Wisła in Gdańsk
Relating to water supply, sewerage and sewage treatment plants:
·         Sewerage system of the city of Gdańsk – Collective transit system Motława - Morena - Radunia
·         Straszyn water intake
·         Sewage treatment plant "Dębogórze"
·         Water main "Żuławski"
·         Surface water intake from the Brda river for Bydgoszcz
·         Water intake for the city of Koszalin
·         Water intake for the city of Toruń
·         Water intake for the city of Częstochowa
·         “Straszyn” water intake for the city of Gdańsk
·         Mechanical – biological sewage treatment plant Gdańsk Zaspa
·         Mechanical – biological sewage treatment plant for the city of Tychy
Relating to heat engineering:
·         Thermal power station "Czerwony Most" in Gdańsk
·         Thermal power station "Suchostrzygi" in Tczew
·         Heating main for the city of Gdańsk and Gdynia
Relating to architecture and greenery:
·         Climatic strips in "Żuławy"
·         Ecumenical Centre in Gdańsk Oliwa