A ceremony of a double anniversary of two significant institutions, i.e. BPBK of Gdańsk and the Chamber of Construction Designng, was held at Dwór Oliwski in Gdańsk. The meeting attracted numerous guests invited by BPBK President Mr Jan Kosiedowski, including Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship Mr Mieczysław Struk, Vice-Voivode Mr Michał Owczarczak, who presented Mr Kosiedowski with the medal “Sint Sua Praemia Laudi” (Latin: May merits be awarded), Vice-Mayors of Gdańsk, Mr Wiesław Bielawski and Mr Maciej Lisicki, Vice-Mayor of Gdynia Mr Marek Stępa, Chairman of the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Construction Engineers Mr Ryszard Kolasa, members of the Construction Designing Chamber Presidium and representatives of northern region’s key institutions connected with building investments.
In congratulating and thanking for a lasting cooperation with the Company, Mr Marshal presented BPBK President with a commemorative fruit bowl “De nihilo nihil fit” (Latin: Nothing comes from nothing) awarded, as he put it, “to exceptional institutions, and sometimes exceptional people with merits for Pomeranian Voivodeship”.
The ceremony was also an opportunity to distinguish the manager of BPBK bridge team, engineer Mr Mirosław Wałęga, with the title "Designer of Two Decades", conferred by the Chairman of the Chamber Mr Ksawery Krassowski.