On the 20th anniversary of the Water and Sewage Company, BPBK obtained an award of distinction “Friend of Ełk Water Company". The special awards to representatives of companies supporting the company’s activities were presented by the Company’s President Wojciech Jassak and the Town Mayor Tomasz Andrukiewicz.
The award for BPBK was collected by Elżbieta Piotrowska – designer, sanitary team manager. BPBK S.A. amongst other executed modernisation of secondary sedimentation tank No. 2, as continuation of the project "Reconstruction and Extension of the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Ełk" implemented in 2000, a time when BPBK S.A. designed the treatment plant with an efficiency of 38 000 m3/d, using a treatment technology under modified UCT system and a special sediment disposal technology enabling sediment reuse for natural purposes in forests.
BPBK has been involved in the project since the 1970s. Inż. Eugeniusz Sosnowski, chief designer of the plant, decided its existing location, for many years managed the development process of the entire plant with its mechanical, biological and sedimentation part. 2006 was the opening of another state-of-the-art stage of the plant’s modernization.