We are now in the process of another, third stage of reconstructing Wajdeloty street in Wrzeszcz as part of the investment RENEWAL OF LOWER WRZESZCZ IN GDAŃSK.
The reconditioning works cover not only the pavements of the street and the sidewalks, but also underground installations, building foundations, stairs and cellar window alcoves. Damaged concrete sidewalks crammed with cars and the asphalt roadway are being replaced with highest-quality materials – sett and granite slabs. Wajdeloty street will no longer be only a roadway and a parking place for cars. Stylised lighting, benches and other elements of architectural details will also allow pedestrians to appreciate the charm of the street “of history”.
The works also cover underground development, including the construction of a storm water drain (the so-called flood relief) so necessary for this part of the city, rainwater drainage and other networks. Very soon the street will also become green.
Inspired by the changes taking place around them, the owners of buildings take advantage of the ongoing earthworks and insulate the foundations of their buildings, and they also recondition the facades, entrance terraces and the stairs.
The residents will experience inconvenience related to the reconditioning works, but soon (the works are planned to be completed on 15 November 2014) they will become the lucky residents of the “Little Parlour of Wrzeszcz”.