BPBK obtained an award in the Review "Engineering Design of 2012" for the design of overpass "Białystok Arch" in Białystok.
The organiser points out that the idea of organising the biannual Review “Presentation of Engineering Designs” is justified by the need to give satisfaction to authors of sector studies – autonomous designs or parts of larger investment projects. The collaborative contribution of sector engineers – which is by the way difficult to show – remains unnoticed, while the authors of these designs – often interesting, outstanding and novel solutions – remain in the shadow of architectural presentations. That’s why, according to the organizer, a review – rather than a contest – of engineering works is to give satisfaction to the authors.
By way of reminding, the Białystok Arch, owing to the diagonal location of the main girder against the platform, is a prototype construction in its scale in Poland. Its load-carrying structure is a fixed arch girder with a platform construction fastened by means of suspension lines. The span of the structure in the axis of arch supports is 66m, while total width 16,48.
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