On Friday, 26 April, in the Town Hall in Olsztyn, the results of the competition were announced for conceptual design for the precincts of the designed Home Army monument located at Aleja Piłsudskiego in Olsztyn. The competition jury chose BPBK of Gdańsk as the winner.

The competition jury’s justification:

Award was granted for the comprehensive location study for the Home Army monument. The monument’s architectural links to Jana Pawła II Square are well thought out. The form of the square’s flooring is appealing, as well as making use of the water surface. The jury appreciated care with which the greenery surrounding the building of the court is treated. The prize is also awarded for creating a friendly public space; distinctive, yet without bombast. As it was expected, the work makes the square surrounding the monument a place of reflection and peace, encouraging passers-by to have a rest every day.