The main aim was to put architectural stress on the entrance zone to PKM platforms. It integrates all pedestrian passages related to PKM route in one spot. They include entrances to platforms and crossings over the railway route (footbridges, tunnels) with related accesses from car parks and planned bus and tram stops.
The entrance zone with very high staircases and elevator lines has been shaped by a system of simple roofing inspired by the idea of “wrapping the railway route with a red ribbon”.
The original cube of the staircases was transformed. The shape of the entrance zone remains geometrically coherent, reflecting the functional and topographic dynamics of the area.
The architecture of the front cover wall of the entrance zone has been planned as a perforated screen letting in the light casting a shadow or a special illumination on the floors of the platforms and entrance squares.
An integral element of the “entrance zone” architecture is the composition of the public space surrounding the station. The fragments setting the main directions of pedestrian accesses to the stops have been particularly emphasized. They are a supplementary element of “the ribbon” stressing the integration of the station with the surroundings.
1st prize