The Small Market and Św. Sebastiana Square in Opole, different in origin and history, have different potentials. Yet, both are located nearby active churches (the sacred), and soon will be connected with a programme-active pedestrian and roadway passage into Muzealna street turning into Malczewskiego street (the profane).
The squares should in the future play the role of two poles generating the flow of pedestrians.
Hence, in maintaining their individuality, they must have similar elements introducing spatial order into that part of the city.
The conceptual design refers to the idea of "the sacred and the profane", where the sacred constitutes spaces of peace and higher culture, while the profane – space of public activity.
Moreover, the assumptions include cascade ground shaping in the form of a “terrace park” with view connections from the Small Market on the system of parade stairs leading to the church and the façade of Opolskie Land Museum. The Small Market is divided into “the sacred” part – classical, integrated with the terrace park and “the profane” part made up of an active (variable) zone, shaded zone – peaceful and transport zone.
In the new conceptual design Św. Sebastiana Square should remain a cosy, peaceful and serious city square, retaining selected trees (hawthorns and tamarisk bushes) typical of today’s expression of the square.