Szosa Ełcka street and Narodowych Sił Zbrojnych street are located on the outskirts of the administrative limits of the city of Białystok. Their newly designed extensions from the intersections with Aleja Jana Pawła II and Hetmańska streets, along with the designed Paderewskiego street, will constitute a communication route called “Białystok small ring road”.
The study’s objective is to prepare 3 variants of conceptual design for the road, one of which will be chosen by the Awarding Entity as the optimum solution.
The designed section within the future “small ring road” should have “urban nature” in spite of its peripheral location. The key aspect is separation of the landscape beyond the limits of the city from the typical urban areas. The design takes into account the soundwall for the residential areas located in the vicinity of the busy road. With a view to retaining the resident-friendly characteristics of the urban space, the idea of greenery embankments has been put forward (in Kleeberga and Komisji Edukacji Narodowej streets), which would not only ensure effective noise protection, but would also create a unique landscape in this section (the cosy air of the architectural interiors). The introduced alleys and lines of trees (with full access to service facilities) create an integrated visual framework and ensure continuity of the road.