A street of granaries until the end of the Second World War, in contemporary days it runs through strongly historicizing tenements (on the north side) to be supplemented on the south side with a contemporary interpretation of the old granaries (development complex “Granary Island Business Centre”, author: Kozikowski Design).
The variants of the conceptual design for developing Stągiewna street assume the introduction of new elements of street furniture. Depending on the variants – I or II, apart from replacing the lighting, pavement and partial rearrangement of traffic, it is proposed that the space of the street be arranged by placing wooden plant pots having the following dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm x 80 cm (width x length x height) with lime trees, cherry trees or ground covers on one side or both sides in the sidewalk strip. The purpose of this effort is to bring order into the street and introduce an element that would bond the development originating from different epochs and having variable stylistics, which will be highlighted even more when the development complex “Granary Island” has been completed.
It should be pointed out that the development variants may be used interchangeably with road variant I and II, allowing for parking places located on the south side of the street (in road variant II).