This investment is part of a larger transport concept located in the Via Hanseatica road corridor that runs through the area of the Tri-City Conurbation. The planned route is designed to take over traffic from the congested basic Tri-City road system made up of: Grunwaldzka Street in Gdańsk, Al. Niepodległości Street in Sopot and Al. Zwycięstwa in Gdynia, and is to serve transport purposes to the multipurpsoe arena located on the borderline between Gdańsk and Sopot.
Given the considerable size of the investment, its implementation has been divided into 4 stages. Stage I is the section of Droga Zielona Street from the intersection with Al. Grunwaldzka Street – Niepodległości Street – Czyżewskiego Street to the intersection with Gospody Street – Łokietka Street.
The project included, amongst other, the construction of railway bridges over Droga Zielona Street, a footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists in the area of Subisława Street and in the pedestrian route of Orłowska Street – Jelitkowska Street, flyovers and footbridges for pedestrians and cyclists under the roundabout in the route of Gospody Street – Łokietka Street. In addition, the arrangment of the car park and access roadways to the multipurpsoe arena has been reconstucted.
Scope of the study and parameters of the route:
- Cross-section of the route – 2x2 the width of 3.5m;
- Crossing of the railway in the excavation;
- Pedestrian and cyclist route on the south side of the route.