The project covered rehabilitation of the northern part of Downtown Wejherowo, in the quarter of Sienkiewicza, Sobieskiego, 12 Marca, Judyckiego, Rzeźnicka, and Św. Jana streets.
The aims of the rehabilitation were construction of footways and shared zones in the historic urban fabric, enhancement of pedestrians’ safety by curbing vehicular traffic, improvement of the road pavement condition and aesthetic qualities, construction of car parks with a view to increasing parking capacity in the downtown. These constitute a prerequisite for the old town fabric proper functioning.
The investment project will make pedestrian traffic more comfortable, arrange vehicle traffic, provide parking spaces, introduce greenery, reduce traffic noise and exhausts, improve aesthetic qualities, and attract investors willing to reconstruct both the existing and missing housing and service buildings.
Important parts of the investment project are also construction of rain water drainage for the pavements, lighting, architectural details, as well as demolition of colliding unaesthetic structures interfering with the urban area, construction of visual monitoring channels, and planting properly designed greenery to improve the aesthetic quality of the dense fabric of the Old Town.
The Municipality of Wejherowo won the 2nd degree award of distinction for the “Best public space in Pomeranian Voivodeship in 2012 granted by the Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship”.