The purpose of the conceptual design is to create a semi-public city garden, which is meant to add to the functional programme of the Council building and upgrade the quality and variety of the system of public spaces in Downtown Gdańsk. 
HISTORICAL PATHS ARRANGEMENT: It is an erased spatial layer of the history of that place, which should be exposed in the contemporary form of a green area owing to the identity of the garden and the functional and spatial qualities of that layout. The system of paths is modifiable owing to contemporary conditions.
UPWARD DRIVEWAY ZONE: the buildings and the car park are accessed from Bastion Św. Elżbiety street, and occasionally also from Wały Jagiellońskie street. The upward driveway zone is a contemporary development layer, absent from the historical arrangement.
VIEW AXES: The three main garden layout axes should play a significant role in contemporary development together with the elements placed on these axes – water ground floor and flower ground floor.
PEDESTRIAN SHORTCUTS: The contemporary garden will no longer just be a representative back facility for the building, but should play an independent function in the city. Consequently, apart from the historical arrangement of the paths, connections of this area with the city should be introduced, which were missing at the beginning of the 20th century since the garden was private in its nature.