The project is part of a larger concept entitled "Renewal of Meyer Passage" , and as a result Moniuszki Street is to change into a woonerf connecting New Centre of Łódź with Piotrkowska Street.
The buildings will be converted to the function of a media library, i.e. a multi-functional, multi-media centre associated with the library.
The facilities will also include exhibition halls and an auditorium, in which cultural and social events will be held.
According to the project the building at Moniuszki Street 3 will be overbuilt and covered with a new roof. External walls will be partially dismantled and opened to the courtyard so that together they can form one large space. The facades will be restored and lost elements will be partially rebuilt.
The villa located at Moniuszki Street 5 together with the outbuilding will be expanded and the courtyard roofed. Some elements of the villa and the outbuilding will be demolished and reconstructed, allowing the facility to be adapted to new functions. Lost porches and balconies and the fencing will be rebuilt and the facades will be reconstructed. The buildings will gain new fixtures and fittings.
Commencement of the construction works is planned for the year 2015, and its completion is planned in 2017 .