The historical overpass dating back to about 1907 (the so-called yellow overpass) is located over the railway tracks in Gdańsk and forms a road connection between Al. Zwycięstwa and Jana z Kolna streets. Owing to its bad technical condition the overpass was closed and reconditioned. Following the reconditioning works, pedestrian and bicycle traffic was allowed with possible motor traffic for cars of up to 3,5 tons as well as emergency cars. It is a single-span facility, simple-supported, using existing load-bearing elements in the form of two steel truss arches with bowstrings having the roadway suspended between them. The arches have a parabolic form. The load-bearing structure of the platform has been designed as an orthotropic slab with two plate girders and bracings. The slab has been suspended to the arches using existing suspension members, by connecting them by means of bolts and nuts with stub connections carried away from the platform. The construction of the arches is based on existing brick abutments on which a reinforced concrete girt has been designed forming support for the construction’s bearings.
Basic parameters:
support axis length: 53,00m
number of spans: 1
structure width (including electric shock protection): 14,00m