Szosa Ełcka and Narodowych Sił Zbrojnych streets are located in the peripheral area within the administrative boundaries of the city of Białystok. The following main types of city landscapes have been distinguished on the deigned section of about 2.5 km: the entry zone and suburban zone.
In the above-mentioned zones the characteristic problems regarding the street as an urban interior are the following: crystallisation and marking the entry into the city, the problem of pedestrian crossings in roads with accelerated car traffic, or the problem of locating roadside advertisements and information facilities (billboards) that could significantly reduce visibility and thereby safety on the road. In the residential-and-service area the street constitutes a protective zone for the residential development against the inconveniences caused by industrial plants and large shopping facilities. In the zone in question the street should display representative features, which are currently missing.
In the current situation the elements crystallising the spatial arrangement of the street are the main intersections together with their surroundings. What merits attention is the spatial form located at the intersection of Narodowych Sił Zbrojnych street and Al. Jana Pawła II street. Located on a hill (about 2 m above the level of the roadway lane), it constitutes a predominant spatial feature that should be preserved and emphasized.