The aim of the investment was to upgrade traffic conditions, increase traffic capacity of the intersections and the street by building a second roadway in Łostowicka street and expanding the intersections with the following streets:
Kartuska – Nowolipie - intersection with the central island, Pana Tadeusza, Wojskiego, Armii Krajowej - intersection with the central island.
The reconstruction of Łostowicka street on a length of about 1 km was done in two stages: stage I (combined with stage III) - section from Wojskiego street to Kartuska street with the intersection of Kartuska – Nowolipie streets and stage II – section from Armii Krajowej street to Wojskiego street with the construction of a car park at the cemetery.
Apart from the left roadway in Łostowicka street also the following were built:
- a tramway curve being part of the future Siedlce - Piecki- Migowo tramway line and a new siding in the direction of Kartuzy
- Nowa Struga street the length of about 110 m,
- a  turnaround square at the end of Struga street
- a one-way street servicing Łostowicki Cemetery, with a lay-by for passenger cars and with a separate strip for parking coaches,
-a  car park at the cemetery for 250 cars
- retaining walls