The aim of the study was to prepare technical documentation for the construction of the Pruszcz Gdański Ecological Ring Road. The purpose of the Ring Road is to remove through traffic from the city centre and to relieve the railway viaduct in Chopina street. The Ring Road also gives the opportunity to make investments in the non-developed areas located in the vicinity.
The Ring Road has been designed as a collective road with a length of about 2.5 km having one roadway with sidewalks and a bicycle lane separated from the roadway by a strip of vegetation. The Ring Road connects national road No. 91 and voivodeship road 226 and runs in the viaduct across the railway tracks connecting Gdańsk with Warsaw.
The intersection with the national road has been designed with traffic lights, while the intersection with the voivodeship road is a roundabout.
The 5 intersections designed in the whole route have islands channelising car traffic and separate lanes for right and left turns.
A service road for handling adjacent areas has been designed at a length of about 1km along the ring road. Road drainage has been designed as a system of storm water inlets and drainage ditches.