The SKM platform is located in the central urban area, connected through the tunnel under the tracks of railway line E65, i.e. from the main building of Railway Station Gdańsk –Wrzeszcz (km 4,178), and through the tunnel leading to Wajdeloty Street ( km 4,076).
The aim of the study is to improve the technical and aesthetic condition of the equipment and pavement of the SKM station together with its technical infrastructure.
The designed roofed shelter of a modern shape of light, open, flat, and longitudinal cuboid is suspended on two rows of alternate posts. The shelter sides are made of aluminium panels, with the station name “Gdańsk Wrzeszcz” and longitudinal stripes cut out in the panels. Where trains enter the station there are more stripes, and where trains stop stripes are fewer. From the bottom the shelter is covered with open aluminium plates.
The roofing surface is ca. 1 400 m2. It covers a part of the platform of ca. 2 200 m2, both exits from the platform into the tunnels under the tracks, and two elevator shafts. The dimensions of the shelter roof ware determined by the required railway clearances.