The analysed area of 190 ha is located in the eastern part of Elbląg, east of the Terkawka River, near national road S22. The area borders national road S22 and the municipality of Elbląg to the southwest; partly, the municipality of Milewo to the northeast; and to the west, the limit assumed in the study and located within the city is the Terkawka River.
In the vicinity of Terkawka, a special area is planned including a logistics centre (CUL), and manufacture and services areas. The logistics centre is the main and preferred development of the site, and the development will comprise constructing high and low storage warehouses, container storage yards, products handling areas, etc.
The communication system in the vicinity of the Terkawka has been planned with regard to communication needs of the area, the lie of the land and its natural conditions. In all the three options, the geometry of the designed road system in the investment area remains the same.
In the vicinity of Terkawka, four main areas have been mapped out with their respective main uses as follows: logistics and manufacture area, manufacture and services area, services area, and leisure and greenery area.