The analysed area covers ca. 140 ha. Its dominant functions are either typical of former shipyard facilities, or they focus on railway operations, which both constitute an important element of the port development in Gdynia. The area is located in the vicinity of the strategic communication corridors of  Kwiatkowskiego Route, the designed Red Road, and the planned north metropolitan ring road.
The communication backbone of the Gdynia Shipyard area will be Przelotowa street connected with the city's road system. Eventually, a connection to the junction with the Red Road is assumed.
The development concept assumes that the area should be divided into functional sectors based on the existing conditions and buildings. The modernist office sector has been mapped out with permitted buildings which are dominant in height. The next sector is intended for middle-range height office buildings. Another one is designed for railway operations, and it includes some office spaces and public space built into the railway infrastructure landscape. Then, there is the culture and exhibition space putting to use the building of the former heat and power plant and adapting the premises for services, and the multi-storey car park.