The footbridge is located over the SKM, PKP railway tracks and Gdyńska Road between Al. Zwycięstwa Street and Łużycka Street in Gdynia. It was given the form of a self-supporting roofed metal “wing” in the form of an arch of trapezoidal sheet metal finished on the outer edges with elements of elevation panels. The load-bearing construction of the five-span footbridge is made up of two steel lattice girders with a deck constructed as an orthotropic slab and executed of metal sheet stiffened with stringers and cross bars. The intermediate supports of the footbridge were made as walls finished at the top with a reinforced concrete girt with undercut, and at the bottom fastened in reinforced concrete foundations laid on drilled piles f 800mm. The construction of the non-roofed ramp is a reinforced concrete deck curved in plan.
It is a structure that was among facilities awarded in the competition “Construction of the Year 2010” and received a 2nd degree award in the category of civil engineering structures.
Basic parameters of the footbridge:
- length of footbridge: 24,8m+31m+34,1m+2x24,8m=139.50m
- platform width: 6 m
- axial span of girders in cross-section: 6.40m
- number of spans: 5